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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
3   <description url="">
4      Refal Plus development tools for Eclipse
5   </description>
6   <feature url="features/org.refal.rfpdt_1.1.9.jar" id="org.refal.rfpdt" version="1.1.9"/>
7   <feature url="features/org.refal.rfpdt_1.1.10.jar" id="org.refal.rfpdt" version="1.1.10"/>
8   <feature url="features/org.refal.rfpdt_1.1.11.jar" id="org.refal.rfpdt" version="1.1.11"/>
9   <feature url="features/org.refal.rfpdt_1.1.12.jar" id="org.refal.rfpdt" version="1.1.12"/>
10   <feature url="features/org.refal.rfpdt_1.1.13.jar" id="org.refal.rfpdt" version="1.1.13"/>
11   <feature url="features/org.refal.rfpdt_1.1.14.jar" id="org.refal.rfpdt" version="1.1.14"/>
12   <feature url="features/org.refal.rfpdt_1.1.15.jar" id="org.refal.rfpdt" version="1.1.15"/>
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